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Random Encounter
Users: 0 Rooms: 214
Main Language:
Description: RanDom will be your host as you explore our home. You just may encounter your friends, encounter yourself, perhaps even encounter the love of your life. Join us for a Random Encounter
Last Report: Sat Jan 23 12:07:32 2021 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Users: 0 Rooms: 1108
Main Language:
Description: Adult-themed for its displays of erotic art. 30 Prop Rooms. 30 Music Jukebox Rooms, from the Beach Boys, to the Beatles, Enya, Abba, Aznavour, Classical Music Gems, and a whole lot more. Upriver Hiking Tour. Coastal Estate Hiking Tour. 50s Beach Boys Harley Motorcycle and Classic Hot Rod Tours. The private estate of Jean, Maya, and mika Severine.
Last Report: Sat Jan 23 12:05:39 2021 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Sardar Fairs of Gor
Users: 0 Rooms: 632
Main Language:
Description: The Sardar Fairs holds events that are truly Gorean in nature to enhance the fellowship between homes promote the Gorean ideals and life, and to provide an enjoyable experience for all who participate. The Fairs are held quarterly - the next being The Feast of EN KARA which will begin MARCH 19th 2021 Ta Sardar Gor!
Adults Gor
Last Report: Sat Jan 23 12:04:20 2021 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Secret Dreams
Users: 0 Rooms: 101
Main Language:
Last Report: Sat Jan 23 12:05:30 2021 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Secret Surrender
Users: 0 Rooms: 94
Main Language:
Description: Welcome to Secret Surrender! Wwe represent a BDSM lifestyle and you must be 18+ to enter. All adults are welcome but please no drama!
Adults BDSM
Last Report: Tue Jan 12 15:47:28 2021 Hosted By: Storm

Secrets & Lies
Users: 0 Rooms: 218
Main Language:
Description: Palace has always revolved around secrets and lies....Expect the opposite.. Come in and join us for a refreshing atmosphere where the people are fabulous, not fabulists ;) Sense of humor a must. Check out our new avatar guide containing avatars made by some of the best av makers on Palace :)
Last Report: Sat Jan 23 12:09:43 2021 Hosted By: Elite

Shattered Innocence
Users: 0 Rooms: 354
Main Language:
Description: You are invited to come and visit us in O/our fantasy Themed palace,many avs and lovely rooms to enjoy.
Last Report: Sat Jan 23 12:03:53 2021 Hosted By: Storm

Sin City
Users: 0 Rooms: 439
Main Language:
Description: Welcome to Sin City the anything goes palace. Come kick back, relax and talk about almost anything. From Assholes to Sports we cover it all. So come join us for some anything goes fun. What happens at Sin City stays at Sin City.
Last Report: Sat Jan 23 12:08:06 2021 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Smokie's Den
Users: 0 Rooms: 567
Main Language:
Description: Come by Smokies Den. See the beautiful rooms . Meet new friends and visit old ones. All are welcome. Must be 18 yrs of age.
Last Report: Sat Jan 23 12:09:09 2021 Hosted By: Storm

Stoners Paradise
Users: 0 Rooms: 147
Main Language:
Description: Welcome to Stoners Paradise a place for Pro Marijuana advocates friends n familia we are here to help n chill with all walks of life so come on by... 18+ please!
Last Report: Sat Jan 23 12:03:46 2021 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

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