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How to add the key to your pserver.prefs file?
a) If you have a tool page or web control panel with option to edit your prefs file:

1- log in to your web panel/tool page
2- find the option to edit your prefs file
3- paste the portal key in the line for sysop, palacetools or palace portal (make sure to remove what was there first)
4- save
5- restart your server

b) If you have ftp access or you have the palace server installed in your computer:

1- Stop your palace server
2- Download using ftp the file called pserver.prefs, or locate it inside your local palace server, it is normally inside the folder called psdata
3- open the file using notepad (never use word or wordpress or you can made the file corrupt)
4- locate the line that says SYSOP
5- change what you have there between "" for the key you got in your email
6- save
7- if you are using ftp, upload the file to the server with your changes
8- Start your server.

I'm a palace Hosting company, what do I need to do to make my clients list in the portal?

Please point to the ip in your servers host records

a) ssh to your server
b) edit the file /etc/hosts
    c1) if you have already a record pointing
        to directory., change the 
        ip to
    c2) if you dont have a record for that address,
        please add a new line at the end of your
        file like:     
d) apply your configuration changes restarting your
   network services

I run my own palace server from windows, what do I need to do to list my palace in the portal?

Please follow this instructions:

1- In your windows computer, find the file called "hosts" or "hosts.sam" (deppends the windows version), normally is inside the folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

1- Open it with notepad, there you will see a line similar to this one: localhost

3- Please add this new line after that one, or change the ip if you have already a record for this address:

4- save the file and follow the steps to add the portal key to your configuration file, edit your details and you are done.

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