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The Dragons Lair
Users: 3 Rooms: 319
Main Language:
Description: All lifestyles are welcome to O.our Adult BDSM home. Rules..Respect...No Drama...if its not fun W.were not doing it. Tons of avs, new ones being added all the time...lots of interactive Adult Rooms and Theaters..Come on by and meet the from DL...Hope to see soon!!!!
Adults BDSM
Last Report: Thu Sep 21 07:09:27 2017 Hosted By: Storm

Unchained Desires
Users: 3 Rooms: 424
Main Language:
Description: Welcome to Unchained Desires... Wwe are an Adult BDSM Home All Lifestyles are welcome. Please leave Yyour Drama at the door. W/we have Avs with more being added soon, yahtzee games and a whole lot more.
Adults BDSM
Last Report: Thu Sep 21 07:04:50 2017 Hosted By:

Users: 3 Rooms: 268
Main Language:
Description: Este palace para todas las edades, de todas las culturas Props/Music/Videos/. Bienvenidos a nuestra casa! - Palace for all cultures, Welcome to our Home !
All Ages
Last Report: Thu Sep 21 07:01:33 2017 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Users: 2 Rooms: 224
Main Language:
Description: The Name Says It All!! Meaning = Entice or Charm! Come On By An Experience Our Alluring And Relaxing Atmosphere. A Home Built On The Foundation Of Friendship. A Home For True Friends And New Friends Who Appreciate The Meaning "Chat".We Host Parties,Games,and New Movies. We have Original Props Avatars! An Adult Palace Respecting All.Come Join Us!
Last Report: Thu Sep 21 07:03:47 2017 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Aussie Hideaway
Users: 2 Rooms: 356
Main Language:
Description: Aussie Hideaway is an adult palace which accepts all lifestyles. Please leave your drama outside.
Last Report: Thu Sep 21 07:04:22 2017 Hosted By: Storm

Castle Wolfsong PÖL
Users: 2 Rooms: 123
Main Language:
Description: Castle Wolfsong returns with its Owner Talos Wolfsong..Up from the ashes a Home is built stronger. This is an over 21 age home & all lifestyles are welcome and their protocols accepted. Leave drama at the door & respect all lifestyles. Naked avs are allowed. Visit .. see old friends and make new ones. RESPECT is a MUST.
Adults BDSM
Last Report: Thu Sep 21 07:02:39 2017 Hosted By: Storm

Changing Tides
Users: 2 Rooms: 337
Main Language:
Description: Come check out the ever-changing CHANGING TIDES - Come sit, chat, play yahtzee - OR join us in our transition to experiencing more of the D/s lifestyle.
Last Report: Thu Sep 21 07:06:30 2017 Hosted By: Storm

Clear Horizons
Users: 2 Rooms: 396
Main Language:
Description: All Lifestyles are welcome.
Last Report: Thu Sep 21 07:04:49 2017 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Crescent Moons of Gor
Users: 2 Rooms: 142
Main Language:
Description: Welcome to Crescent Moons of Gor. This is a Gorean Home, and protocol and rules are to be obeyed by A/all who enter through Our gate. We are fun loving, and like to meet new people. So come on in and chat awhile. Honor, and Respect are a must. Welcome to O/our Home.
Adults Gor
Last Report: Thu Sep 21 07:04:23 2017 Hosted By: Storm

Destiny's Dream
Users: 2 Rooms: 330
Main Language:
Last Report: Thu Sep 21 07:05:11 2017 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

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